Point of View



Driving into work today I had to mentally prepare myself for the questions I would be asked by six and seven year olds. I had to rehearse answers to their questions. I had to replay in my mind what I would say during our time of prayer. Today my point of view was very different.

What was my POV? A sad, brokenhearted teacher that had to explain to 24 little hearts why a man would decide to take the lives of so many innocent people. The teacher who wanted to avoid all the hard conversations, but know that speaking the truth was right. The teacher who was petrified of a world that these sweet children have to grow up in.

I spoke the truth. I told them that there is evil in our world and that some people are so evil that they want to hurt others. No one asked another question. They were satisfied with this truth. Their truth.

I will not let this affect my LIFE point of view. That glorious picture is what I get to see every day right before I step foot into my classroom. My classroom that speaks truth. That holds tight to faith and that in the midst of all this yuck still has HOPE.

Give someone a big hug today, share something personal today, linger a little longer in the coffee shop today. We all need our point of view to be glorious and filled with hope. We need teachers more than ever who are willing speak truth. We can-


Second Year Bliss


I have been encouraged to document all the happenings that take place in my classroom starting this school year. I was overwhelmed by that idea. Where would I find the time? Well, I have been doing much of this documentation in the form of photos, Instagram posts and Facebook blurbs.

So here I am starting a blog to document what life as a second year teacher is like. Also what it looks like in a first grade classroom.

I learned a lot in my first year teaching. I have been in the school environment since 2013 in different ways. I was a one-on-one aid for a special needs little girl, I was a classroom aid for middle school special education and resource and I was also a substitute teacher for a year. This was great preparation for my first year as a full-time first grade teacher, but holding down your own class is a lesson in strategic planning.

I plan to use this blog for inspiring teachers who are wide-eyed and as excited as I was entering the world of teaching to never lose that JOY. The first year may test you, put you to the fire, but YOU are NOT alone.

We are here for you, we are the teachers who are rooting for you to succeed at this wild career. We will not judge you if you used permanent stamp pads to make fingerprint art (yep I did).  When you have no clue what an acronym is but you used it twice and had to google it later. We will ask you to go for a walk when we know your head has not peaked out of your door for the last two days (or 5). A do not think for one moment we will tell you to stop buying school supplies or books because life is too short and nobody dies with their Amazon account history 🙂

Carry on newbies and do not look back–