Google tools

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Google has to be one of the easiest and most helpful tools that a teacher can have at their fingertips. Gone are the days that a teacher is bound to their desk when creating presentations or word documents. Teachers are able to use Google apps through their laptops, tablets and phones. Teachers can merge projects seamlessly to produce engaging lessons for their students.

I have personally used Google apps for the last four years. I have used it for various purposes. Google forms is one tool that I have used in many ways for my classroom. I have created surveys for my students, colleagues and parents.


The survey below is still active. I wanted to poll teachers responses to reading in their own classrooms. If you have two minutes I would love to get your feedback. Imagine using this to do an end of the year survey for your parents on how they thought their child progressed.

Would you like to see the results of my poll? Click Reading in the classroom

Technology across the curriculum


Technology can be utilized in all disciplines and to help students reflect upon their learning. I enjoy integrating technology during literacy time in my classroom. I want the students to experience deeper levels of engagement through online tools and apps. Students also have a unique audience when they use blogs, collaborative webpages and other peer to peer experiences.


Imagine traveling to the country you just read about in a book through Google Earth. What if you could then have a conversation in real time with someone from that country through Skype. These tools alone are shaping our future generations to be global citizens and have empathy for those around them.


Do you want to see how I use technology and literacy together in my class? Here is a presentation

Seesaw in my classroom

teaching, technology

I have chosen to share one of my favorite classroom apps. I started using Seesaw this year after our technology teacher recommend it to me. I signed up over summer and took some short professional development courses to get started. It was the best time spent over the summer.

Seesaw has been an amazing connection for school to home. My parents rave about how easy it is to see their child’s portfolio. This is similar to an Instagram feed. The parents only have access to their students work.


We have used Seesaw to explain our learning and reflect on what we know in all subjects. Students can easily record their voice, take photos, create drawings and many other forms of reflection. Most importantly it gives students choice and allows them to share their learning with their peers, teacher and family.

George Couros has a great blog post Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom. One main point he states is, Voice – Students should have the opportunity to not only learn from others but also share their learning with others as well.  We live in a world where everyone has a voice and if we do not teach our students to use this effectively, they will definitely struggle.  To me, this is so simple yet so essential. (2013)