Leaves Galore

Children's Books


This week we explored books with a Fall theme. I love reading through the seasons during the year. Although in California it is rare to have real fall weather in October. We can pretend and live through books for that fall feeling. Enjoy!

The Acorn and the Oak Tree

by Lori Froeb

A great book for learning about the life cycle of a seed. This sweet story tells of a small acorn that falls off of the tree, encounters rough times, and eventually sprouts into a big strong oak tree. The pages are each a piece in the larger picture at the end of the story.

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

by Steve Metzger and Illustrated by Miki Sakamoto 

Have you sang the old song We’re going on a Bear Hunt? This story follows the same tune about three friends wandering through the woods to find colorful leaves. Students will enjoy the rhythmic pattern of the words and the motions you can create for each verse. Have Fun! Find the book here

The Little Scarecrow Boy

by Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by David Diaz

My students enjoyed seeing the many faces the scarecrow had to make in order to scare the feathers off of the crows. This story tells about a small scarecrow boy who wants to be just like his father. He is eager to become a real scarecrow some day. He learns a great lesson about patience and the value of wisdom from his father’s teachings.
The Little Scarecrow Boy

There was an old Lady who Swallowed Some Leaves

by Lucille Colandro  and Illustrated by Jared D. Lee

These stories are always a great way to get a laugh at the end of the day during story time. I love hearing my students repeat back the lines that build up to a fun ending. Each book creates a fun sense of surprise for all readers.
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

by Lois Ehlert

This is a beautiful book that will inspire your young artists. The pictures create a beautiful depiction of the life of a tree. This is a great addition to writing about trees and the reading of a nonfiction book about seeds.
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf